Kemp Jewellery


Real Kemp Hasli Choker Set

2,100.00 1,999.00 GST
Sold by:  Dajwa Jewelz

Elegant Kemp Choker Set

759.00 683.00 GST
Sold by:  Stileadda

Classic Kemp Stone Headset

2,450.00 2,205.00 GST
Sold by:  AJ Punnagai

Kemp & Green Floral Head Set

3,750.00 3,375.00 GST
Sold by:  AJ Punnagai

Kemp Stones Jewelry is a collection of historical cultural ornaments inspired by the Indian deities. The word ‘Kemp’ generally refers to the color ‘Red’ – a scarlet hue. Kemp Stones are also available in green and blue color. They were traditionally made from Cabochons that were not polished or cut. Cabochons of rubies and emeralds were used by Indian royals in ancient times. But now glass Cabochons are hinted with different hues and used as an alternative for Imitation Jewelry making especially in Temple Jewelry.

Kemp Temple Jewelleries are real representations of ancient ornaments from the sculptures of South Indian temples. The impact of Kemp Jewelry is very noticeable in Bharatanatyam ,a classical dance form of South India. Bharatanatyam and Kemp stone Jewelry is a wonderful  medley that elevates the beauty of the performer and thus gives a complete ethnic look.

Kemp Jewelry designs mostly include figurines of Gods and Goddesses ,Swan, Mango, Peacock, Sun, Moon and Flowers. Beautiful Bridal and Bharatanatyam Sets are made of Kemp Stones Jewelry. The contrast in color, pearls clusters and the minute details of the designs of  the Kemp Jewels makes it more magnificent. Kemp Jewelleries also comprises hair accessories like Maang Tikka, Suryan and Chandran pirai that are adorned by dancers, artistic performers and brides in South India.

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