Guttapusalu Jewellery


Classic Guttapusalu Haram

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A Guttapusalu haram is a core part of South Indian heritage, and holds a special place, especially for the Telugu brides. The term Guttapusalu is derived from Telugu words ‘Gutta’ which means a bunch of small fishes while ‘Pusalu’ means beads. Thus, the term Guttapusalu jewellery means small pearl beads bunched together. The classic design of a guttapusalu haram is these small pearl hangings at the bottom of the necklace. They are quite adaptable and can be a part of necklaces of any length and style. Traditionally, these guttapusalu necklace sets were made of gold or silver and were further embellished with kemp stones, gems, precious and semi-precious gemstones, or even uncut diamonds.

The guttapusalu jewellery designs are extremely versatile and can be donned not only by traditional brides but are lightweight and simple for modern brides as well. There are various simple guttapusalu necklaces available to be shopped online. From antique harams, to kemp stone studded, and German silver guttapusalu necklaces, there is so much to explore!

The plus point of opting for guttapusalu jewellery is that you can layer multiple pieces of various lengths to oomph up your look. Or you keep it minimalistic with a simple guttapusalu choker. Here on South India Jewels, we have a fabulous collection of guttapusalu haram, chokers, and earrings that you can shop online. Be it for your collection, or for gifting purposes, shop for the latest trends and designs from the guttapusalu collection that are made from high quality material and at budget-friend prices.